December 3, 2022

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Kim Bixel: Boulder Reservoir: Uphold our collective values

As comply with-up to Neil Anderson’s July 13 Visitor Opinion“Real challenges at the ‘Rez’ “, below are wishes to express to city administration with hope they choose to uphold our community’s said collective values at the Boulder Reservoir.

Honor our local climate objectives. Personnel just lately championed our Climate Mobilization Motion Strategy. We are “recognized as a international leader on environmental action and transparency…”. Where is facts showing the impact of promoting 1000’s of new desired destination car or truck outings to the reservoir after hours for new nighttime events? How is this constant with climate plans as opposed to advertising gatherings in our downtown area that we produced for a long time, serviced by current public transportation systems?

Protect our citizen’s security. Is advertising new motor vehicle activity (inebriated) on a county road filled with dozens of each day cyclists and runners without bike paths, sidewalks or streetlights supportive of our Vision Zero aspirations?

Abide by your zoning regulations as zealously as demanded of citizens. You accepted the new reservoir customer setting up as a immediate substitution of an aged constructing ‘accessory use’ to present hours and operations. Staff highlighted small security lights and that introducing lighting is not correct to the rural setting. Latest designs bend all these and much more elements of your zoning approval.

Retain your claims to steward purely natural methods and caretake wildlife. Including sound, mild, exercise, traffic pollution impacts in techniques we can’t see or calculate very easily.

Regard democratic process when arranging unparalleled variations to a general public park. No general public enter was sought nor obtained to extend nighttime hrs or add soon after-sunset bars and outside substantial functions to the reservoir.

Work a good restaurant that closes with the reservoir at dim like other accent venues. The Modern-day cafe at the Museum of Modern-day Artwork in New York City closes at 9 p.m., for case in point.

Simply call on Parks and Rec to change strategies for the reservoir to align with Boulder’s values, safety and the city’s individual regulations.

Kim Bixel


Alan Saville: July 4 ad: This hits the ‘absurd’ button

Relating to the entire-webpage advert displayed on July 4, page 7A in the Each day Digital camera, using an Previous Testomony verse from the E book of Psalms (Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, 33:12), written countless numbers of decades in the past by folks who didn’t know where the sun went at night time, is a wee little bit irrelevant to today’s planet.

And quoting the founding followers with out-of-context offers that most very likely can not even be verified in some situations, truly hits the “absurd button” in my mind.

A fast website search unveiled this: “A several distinguished Founding Fathers ended up anti-clerical notably Jefferson.
Historian Gregg L. Frazer argues that the top Founders (John Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Wilson, Morris, Madison, Hamilton, and Washington) were neither Christians nor Deists, but alternatively supporters of a hybrid “theistic rationalism.”

Lots of Founders deliberately averted community discussion of their religion. Historian David L. Holmes uses evidence gleaned from letters, govt paperwork, and next-hand accounts to identify their religious beliefs.”

Most historians agree that Thomas Jefferson was at the the very least, an agnostic, at the most a devout atheist. Many of the founders have been really wary of Christian faith because the Church of England mandated it way back again when. Monarchs in 18th-century France mandated Catholicism and all those who did not comply could be beheaded! Consequently, the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was extra.

In the “pledge of Allegiance” the term, “one nation, under God” wasn’t included until 1954 below the Eisenhower administration.

The “real Jesus” could not care significantly less about country states and governments, specially governments established by slavery! And governments who fully commited horrendous functions of genocide supposedly in his name! Or governments that waged war and “imperialism” due to the fact the finish of the dark ages in Europe.

Oh nicely, I’m happy they paid out a ton of cash to the Day-to-day Camera marketing this ridiculous ideology: “Jesus is a white American republican waving a flag.”

Alan Saville


Ray Hedberg: Transportation: Nearby streets will need interest

I would like to compliment Jeff Schulz about his July 14 letter on the subject of transportation in Boulder.

Everyone who has lived in Boulder for for a longer time than the Town Council, Transportation Division and the planning staff members have had their work, understands that Jeff’s suggestions are unquestionably ideal on. Boulder may well be the #1 city in the United states according to some polls, but the over-all score for the streets and transportation solutions in Boulder is probably the cheapest of equivalent sizing cities in Colorado and many other states. I propose our new town manager also push to and by way of Louisville and Longmont (e.g. Hover Highway) to see illustrations of what our leaders need to be attempting to achieve through Boulder.

Instead it looks our recent transportation leaders go on to succumb to deficiency-of-price range excuses and lists of unsuccessful strategies (feel of the Folsom realignment). Every single pothole in town is a reminder that Boulder’s governing administration is ignoring their obligations and the persons who stay below.

The apparent priority of repaving Jay Highway as a “showcase” in excess of crumbling local streets, and NOT Enforcing the posted pace limitations (e.g. extremely noisy 18 wheeler and commuter as a result of-website traffic with speeds above 55 mph on the Flatirons Parkway) are grounds for deep questioning of the city’s leaders and their goals.

Would a Boulder citywide 35 mph enforced velocity limit help you save price range dollars, truly make improvements to the site visitors mess, and inhibit the race to a half-million populace? Should not we straight away be discouraging a lot more firms from coming into Boulder (the future 60,000 commuting employeesand their cars)?

Boulder Metropolis Council, the Transportation Section and the organizing personnel do not seem to recognize that town roads and streets ought to firstserve the residents desires, basic safety and benefit.

Boulder has attained car or truck gridlock throughout a sea of unforgivable paving!

Ray Hedberg