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Loose Thoughts – The Hugh Hewitt Show

Loose Thoughts - The Hugh Hewitt Show

Mon, Nov 21, 2022  | 
By John Schroeder

Loose Thoughts

Item One:  I fundamentally and deeply do not care about Twitter.  I never participated much.  When I was in high school there was a central courtyard in the building and all the kids with grades above a certain GPA had what was called an “Honors Pass.”  That meant that we could go hang out in the courtyard when nothing was going on in class.  That’s all Twitter is – a place to hang out and pass on gossip.  It’s not a news source, it’s not even where “school business” is conducted – it’s something to do when you’re not busy doing the things you are supposed to be doing.

Item Two: When it comes to holiday times, and let’s face it – the Thanksgiving holiday has started whether we want it to or not, it is time to stop reading the news.  Honestly, as I read headlines this morning, I have never seen so much unimportant stuff covered in huge headlines designed purely to overdramatize something and draw in readers when there was nothing to read.  Click metrics may be the worst thing to happen to news coverage ever.

Item Three:  Speaking of covering nothing on a slow news week, this “essay” from the NYTimes on the Monday of the week of America’s eating holiday is hardly coincidental:

The researchers instead referred to obesity as a complex, chronic condition, and they were meeting to get to the bottom of why humans have, collectively, grown larger over the past half century. To that end, they shared a range of mechanisms that might explain the global obesity surge. And their theories, however diverse, made one thing obvious: As long as we treat obesity as a personal responsibility issue, its prevalence is unlikely to decline….

Until we see obesity as something that’s been imposed on societies, not as something individuals choose, the fat shaming, magic hacks and bad policies will continue. Until we stop blaming ourselves and one another and start focusing attention on environments and systems, the global obesity rate will continue its ascent — a trend no country has substantially reversed, not even in children‌.

Of freaking course – nothing is a matter of personal responsibility because that would *SHUDDER* mean we have to act with personal discipline.  Does our nation of abundance, instant gratification and nothing but garbage at the local convenience store make weight control hard.  Durn tootin’ it does.  But what gives a guy like me that has huge issues with maintaining my weight (use to be close to 500 lbs) the right to impose my dietary struggle on the rest of society?  Nothing I can think of.

I can’t help but think that if we considered more issues as a matter of personal responsibility – like, oh I don’t know, COVID? – the nation would be in a much better place.

Item Four:  I don’t care who the victims are or what they were up to, mass shootings are evil.  Let’s deal with the evil and stop worrying about whether it is presumably more or less evil based on the victims, that’s just discriminatory.