November 27, 2022

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Shotgunning a beer on the water is unlawful: Missouri legislation for your float trip

JEFFERSON Metropolis, Mo. — Float trips are a fantastic way to unwind and have some enjoyable with close friends and family all through the canine days of summer. Like something nevertheless, there are a bunch of legislation that could deliver down the temper need to you be caught.

The Missouri Point out Highway Patrol wants recreation lovers to know a several issues before coming into the drinking water. For 1, no beer bongs. That consists of “modified containers with additional vents” – AKA: shotgunning a beer.

But the guidelines don’t end at alcohol. State principles include security, indecent publicity, treats, trash, prescription drugs and trespassing. Here’s every little thing you will need to know:

Alcoholic beverages

Beer bongs are illegal. This contains “any gadget that is supposed and made for the fast usage or ingestion of an alcoholic beverage, which include but not constrained to funnels, tubes, hoses, and modified containers with additional vents.”

Persons on Missouri’s rivers also simply cannot have any massive-volume alcohol containers on them. This signifies very little that carries additional than four gallons, so floating keggers are out.

Additional standard alcohol legal guidelines utilize way too, like no underage ingesting or alcohol possession, and no providing alcoholic beverages to minors. Those people below 21 several years aged ought to have a blood alcohol material a lot less than .02%.

Snacks and trash

It’s smart to refuel mid excursion with energy-abundant treats, but how you pack the snack and what you do with the trash is issue to Missouri state legislation.

First, glass containers are not allowed for beverages.

Future, any person making use of a container, like a cooler, should make confident it completely seals. They also need to join a closeable trash container to the watercraft, transportation any trash to a correct bin or dumpster and secure any other glass containers to prevent slipping in or breaking.

Condition legislation can make littering a criminal offense. Breaking any of these procedures would make a man or woman guilty of a misdemeanor.


Anyone more youthful than 7 many years old need to don a everyday living jacket. Any person working a watercraft is also responsible to make absolutely sure there are lifetime jackets available and available for absolutely everyone on board.


MSHP states that sexual misconduct is not authorized on Missouri waterways. This includes exposing oneself or violating state sexual misconduct legislation.

Some additional critical violations of these laws could be deemed a felony.


Really don’t trespass. It’s up to river people to know which land is condition house and which belongs to private land owners. Penalties differ, based on if the land proprietor displayed notification.


Do not do medication. MSHP “has a zero tolerance tactic to unlawful drug use,” including on Missouri waterways. A human being simply cannot have a managed material until permitted by law. People today also simply cannot have drug paraphernalia with the intent to use it.

Punishments range from misdemeanors to felonies, depending on the violation.