November 30, 2022

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WDIV-Local 4 clinches Gold Medal performances with July Sweeps and Olympics

WDIV-Local 4 sweeps to victory in July 2021 (6/3-6/30/2021), with first place finishes in all key newscasts, access (7-8 p.m.), primetime and late-night programming.

WDIV’s Tokyo Olympics ratings to date are outperforming the average for the Top 25 NBC markets. Local 4 is currently averaging a 9.7 HH RTG /21 HH SHR/164,000 HH. The station’s coverage is not only dominating and performing strong here in Detroit, but it bests the head-to-head competition’s prime delivery.  WJBK’s prime average during the Olympics is a 1.1 HH RTG/2 HH SHR/19,000 HH, and WXYZ’s delivery is a 3.0 HH RTG/6 HH SHR/50,000 HH.

  • Local 4 News First at 4 is No. 1 in the 4 p.m. time period in key demographics.  Delivering a 4.3 HH rating/15 HH share, which equates to 73,000 households, beating both The Now (WXYZ 4 p.m.) (2.0 HH RTG/7 HH SHR/34,000 HH) and Judge Judy (WJBK 4 p.m.) (3.1 HH RTG/11 HH SHR/52,000 HH).  Local 4 News won in all the key demographics and had a 7% increase in Adults 25-54, over its July 2019 delivery.

  • Local 4 News at 5 p.m. continues to reign over its decade-long winning streak and is the leader in the time period.  Local 4′s 5p.m. newscast delivered a 6.1 HH rating/18 HH share, which equates to 102,000 households, beating both WXYZ (3.5 HH RTG/10 HH SHR/59,000 HH) and WJBK (3.0 HH RTG/9 HH SHR/50,000 HH).  Local 4 News led across all the key demographics with an increase of 40% in Adults 25-54, over its July 2019 delivery.

  • Local 4 News at 6 p.m. continues its No. 1 stronghold across all demographics, delivering a 7.9 HH RTG /21 HH SHR/133,000 households as compared to WXYZ (4.9 HH RTG/13 HH SHR/83,000 HH) and WJBK (2.5 HH RTG/6 HH SHR/42,000).  Local 4 News also experienced growth over 2019 in the key adult demographics, increasing by 29% in Adults 25-54.

  • Local 4 News airing Monday through Sunday at 11 p.m. retains its title as Detroit’s No. 1 Late News leader delivering a 6.2 HH rating/16 HH share, which equates to 105,000 households.  Local 4 News at 11p.m. beat WJBK’s 10 p.m. news with a 3.3 HH RTG /7 HH SHR /55,000 HH as compared to WXYZ (4.4 HH RTG/11 HH SHR/75,000 HH) and WJBK M-F 11 p.m. (2.6 HH RTG/7 HH SHR/44,000 HH).  In addition, Local 4 News at 11 p.m. is the No. 1 Late News across all the key demographics. This includes beating WJBK’s 10 p.m. news, as well.  Local 4 News also experienced growth over July 2019 in the key demographics, increasing by 11% in Adults 25-54.

  • Local 4 News Today, anchored by Rhonda Walker, Evrod Cassimy, Brandon Roux, Jason Carr, Kim DeGiulio and Paul Gross, delivered a close 2nd place win with a 2.5 HH rating and a 15 HH share, which equates to 43,000 households, right on the heels of WJBK in the ratings (2.7 HH rating/17 HH share/46,000 HH).

  • WDIV-Local 4 continues to be the frontrunner in late night programming, claiming the No. 1 spot with first place finishes in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live. In addition, as mentioned, WDIV-Local 4 placed first in primetime delivery for the month, and during the Olympics thus far.  The Olympics have won every single night since the opening ceremonies began on Friday, July 23.

  • In the all-important access period at 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! continue to dominate across all demographics with an 8.2 rating/20 share, which equates to 137,000 households compared to WXYZ’s 7 p.m. news and The List (3.3 HH RTG/8 HH SHR/55,000 HH) and WJBK’s TMZ/EXTRA (1.9 HH RTG/5 HH SHR /32,000 HH).

  • From the beginning of the pandemic, WDIV-Local 4 has been committed to providing continuous coverage of the latest COVID-19 news, from vaccines and where to find them, to daily statistics and answers to viewers questions.  Local News’ strong broadcast TV ratings illustrate that local news remains more important than ever.

    WDIV’s website,, remains the No. 1 local media website in Metro Detroit (Comscore, June 2021).